Symphony Retail Cloud

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About Symphony EYC with Pallab Chatterjee

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About Symphony GOLD with Graeme Cooksley

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Introducing the Symphony Retail Cloud

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The future of customer-centric retail

Discover a unique portfolio of solutions that translate customer intelligence into insights that drive execution

Portfolio of solutions for every customer-centric need

Improve customer loyalty, optimize assortments and space, increase operational productivity and inventory availability

Symphony EYC, the leader in customer based decision support solutions for retail. We believe that data can help to build a better world for our clients and your customers.

With Symphony GOLD, retailers can unify retail assortment, merchandising and supply chain management to streamline inventory, optimise operations and profitably meet customer demand.

Symphony Retail Cloud drives +2% same store revenue growth and enables retailers and CPGs to drive customer insights into marketing, merchandising and supply chain decisions.

Our solution investment uniquely positions us to meet the exacting requirements of FMCG retail.

Introducing Symphony EYC with Dr Pallab Chatterjee, Managing Director Symphony Technology Group, Chairman Symphony Retail Solutions, and CEO Symphony EYC.

Introducing Symphony GOLD with Graeme Cooksley, CEO & President, Symphony GOLD.

Introducing the Symphony Retail Cloud, powered by Symphony EYC and Symphony GOLD.

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